Friday, 31 August 2012

Kabir das Dohe

Naino ki kari kothri, putli palang bichhai
Palko ki chik darike, piya ko liya rijhai

I made my eyes into a bridal room, and the pupils into a bridal bed
I pulled down curtains of the eyelids and pleased my beloved

Loot sake to loot le, ram naam ki loot
Paache pachhtayega, jab pran jayenge chhoot

You have the access to the name of Ram without any cost. Why dont you have access to it as much as you can. Otherwise at the last moment of your life you will feel sorry

Kabira yeh sansar hai, jaisa semal phool
Din das ke vyavahar mein, jhoote rang na bhool

This world is like a flower that traps a bee. Dont get overwhelmed by what you experience for a while.


Karta raha so kyo raha, ab kari kyo pachhataye
Boye ped babul ka, so amua kaha se paaye

why were u doing what you were doing, now what the use of repenting
you have sown seeds of Babool tree, don't expect mangoes from that

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